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NIA114 Strivectin hyperlift eye…..lemme tell you. Instant eye fix for bags, lines and crepiness. Not my words, that’s right on the bottle.

The craziness is that once you apply this stuff, you will literally feel your skin tighten. This is as potentially awesome as it is disastrous. This tightening process seem to suck the moisture right out of the lower eye area. Therefore almost making it impossible to apply any concealer afterwards.

Since I got a kick out of that tightening feel I was determined to make this work, plus I paid too much for this stuff to just simply toss it. Already noted; Hyper eyelift plus concealer is a no-go.

I then layered under eye moisturizer (let this sit for a minute) Stivectin, concealer. This still left me with flakey concealer all over my face. I am sure this differs per skin type, these are just my findings.

Last and definitely not least; Stivectin, moisturizer, concealer. This seems to work. Although I am not sure if the moisturizer is biting the tightening process, and therefore defeating the purpose…..I can’t even believe I am writing about this. Maybe we should just let this whole aging process take its course…..Nah!!! Coming up on the year of 50, as a good friend of mine would say; “I am going down swinging!”.

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