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Fall Fashion II

Combat boots and bell bottoms. Not necessarily paired together but these are “must-haves”. I put that in quotations marks because you may have whatever you please!

Bottom left are from Target $40!

Combat boots are back in full swing. I know a few of us can dust off their Docs. I have always been a little dainty, therefore I had the high heeled Timbs back in the day. These too are back on the shelves. The beauty of his trend is that they are comfortable and the weight of them will work your calves…win-win! My dainty self purchased a pair of heeled Madden Girl combat boots. Comfy with a little bit of sex appeal.

Let’s leave this up to the youth!

Bell bottoms….In Europe the “kids” are sporting bell bottom leggings with crop tops and sneaks. I am going to pass on that one. Bell bottom leggings with something that covers my hiney and heels…maybe. Meanwhile I am resorting to bell bottom jeans. I love the high wasted ones from H&M, a great buy for around 20 bucks. Although I have treated myself to some American Eagle jeans. They are a bit more expensive but they are so comfy and they fit perfectly. The stretch is uh-mazing, and the high waist is very flattering. Pair this with a shorter chunky knit sweater, or French tuck a knitted sweater and you will be so 2020!!

Top right: H&M Bottom right: American Eagle

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