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Spring Trends 2020 part I

Floral and cowboy boots. Not necessarily in that order and also not always combined. Please….The “little-house-on-the-prairie-look” was not meant to be fashionable or sexy. Once again; to each its own. I applaud individuality. Trends are what they are, just that….I am just here to point them out to you!

Floral has been huge overseas. They somehow made the maxi, long sleeve dress hot again. It helps when you’re tall to pull this look off. Me, not so much, I will stick with a little floral but mostly in skirts and pants. Sometimes busy prints near the face take away from your natural beauty. Rocking these long dresses with sneaks? Let’s leave that to the younger generation, we will look like we’re just trying to be comfy…not fashionable.

Cowboy boots I don’t like by association. It’s personal but I have seen looks with cowboy boots out there that work. The biggest plus to these boots is that 9 out of 10 times they will have a comfortable heel height. Feel free to pull out the ones you have in your closet that you have been hoarding since the eighties. These boots are allowed to look a little rough. Like; western boots with tight jeans, shorter skirts and dresses. Just be careful with these and longer skirts and dresses when your short. And don’t take them to literal! No plaid shirts with bolo “string” ties please!

I also love seeing the pops of color grass green, fuchsia and yellows out there. We all need some color in our life. Zara and H&M have some really fun bright items in their spring 2020 collection. Match the hot pinks with some camel, grass or Brazilian green with navy, bright yellow with your jeans or crispy whites…..and you will be good to go!

Only 14 days until spring!!!

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