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Enclothed wha?!

Enclothed Cognition…..first time I ever heard about that “the effect that clothes seem to have on various processes like emotions, self-evaluations, attitudes and interpersonal interactions”…pretty deep right? I have had the defend my years in the fashion industry as not being “shallow”. No it is not ground breaking or life saving but clothes do influence our lives. I am now learning there are entire physiological studies done on how clothes can affect our behavior and our mood. I could have told them that!

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What I did find interesting is the whole science behind the “dress for success” look. It seems that being constricted in tailored suits and structured clothes puts us in the right mind set to conduct business. Professional gear will make you feel more confident (true fact in my fake-it-until-you-make-it-in-the-banking industry! At least I looked like I knew what I was talking about!) Business attire can actually help us be better negotiators and abstract thinkers because it in a weird way displays dominance…wow…sadly I agree with this from experience…That’s why I am out of whack on casual Fridays, I am out of my role. Casual Fridays lead to more friendly and creative moments, which don’t go hand in hand in the financial world. Although being friendly helps too when you are trying to sound convincing!

I love throwing some color in to the world of black and grey business suits though. Peacocking! Although that word is more geared towards men I believe. Color makes you stand out in the dreary business world. I believe it makes you more approachable and people will remember you…”the girl in the bright red pants who had no idea of what she was talking about!”.

Bright colors can change your mood and energy as dark colors are associated with low energy and somberness. That’s why I have been encouraging bright colors in the winter time! It makes no sense to wear your brights on bright days and your grays on days that are gloomy enough as is….although I can’t imagine wearing black all summer long but try adding some color to a dreary day…if we would all get on that band wagon the winter would be a happier season. And no I haven’t been smoking anything! I am just one of those annoying positive chicks.

Fact: dress for the job you want not for the one you have! People who dress like a boss are more likely to get promoted…not always applicable..Steve Jobs never did…but he proved a point by wearing the same thing every day. For women; dressing provocatively might not get you to be taking seriously at work and people may view you as less competent. Sexist as bleep but unfortunately true. BUT what I love about business attire as a female; even when you are not showing any skin, you can be fire in a business suit!

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