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Pandemic weight gain

Out of boredom we may over consume while sheltering in place. My current biggest enemy is the grocery store. For starters I am completely discombobulated with my mask and gloves. The mask somehow throws my equilibrium off and also made me realize how much I rely on reading lips. I hereby solemly swear to go see an ENT doc once we are allowed to again. Any-who, back to the food! Since we are limited in our grocery store runs, we tend to “over shop”. Comfort food seems to be “allowed” for a short term “feel good” moment, we all deserve. Right?

I agree, how-evah….all in moderation! I try to keep my Friday and Saturday night as my “cheat nights”. This includes alcohol consumption. I am not a big drinker to begin with, but if any, it will happen on those nights. I tend to overload on veggies and fruit on my shopping trips which leads me to eat too much of that before they perish. I obsessively hold on to my stock of non-perishables…cause you never know when they will shut the stores down completely. Although I believe it is safe to say that this may not be the case going forward.

Liquid (in the form of water people) and exercise are key. Try to go for walks and take deep breaths while you are outside. On cloudy days attempt some exercises and incorporate weights. Build up your bone density…we are not getting any younger. Remember that muscle tissue is heavier than fat tissue, so don’t get freaked out when you gain a few pounds. Of course common sense dictates that a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, but muscle takes up a lot less space.

This is the perfect opportunity to emerge from your shelter like Bam-Biatches! By then, in your fave summer dress. But don’t forget the self tanner!

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