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James Read Self Tanners

I am so pale right now I probably glow in the dark. I know tanning is out of style but I feel as if I look “healthier” with a little sun kissed glow. Even if it is fake!

Even though self tanners are creating a totally unnatural coloration of the skin, it is healthier than the actual real deal. I swear by James Read self tanners. The first one I got hooked on was the James Read Coconut Melting Tanning Balm Face & Body. It has the consistency of coconut oil which obviously is the main ingredient. You will have to use gloves to apply this concoction but the result is uh-mazing. The smell may turn you off a little, therefore I advise you to apply before bedtime. Although you will have to wash your sheets afterwards, unless you don’t mind the smell. Suck it up ladies. This stuff gives you an instant, all over glow

The alternative to this is the James Read Self tanning Mousse. For “fool proof bronzing”. This mousse is dark green, a little harder to apply evenly but gives you the same result without the smell. The reason I mentioned it is harder to apply is because the mousse is absorbed quicker by the skin, this may cause you to “over apply”…which may result in an uneven tan.

When applying any self tanner please take it easy on your elbows and knees. The lotion tends to gather here which will result in darker areas. No need to draw anymore attention to these already rather unsightly body parts.

James Read also has an overnight self tanning mask for your face which anti aging ingredients. Say wha!?! It contains cucumber and aloe vera to sooth the skin, as well as that wonderful hyaluronic acid to moisturize at the same time. Seriously, use this once a week and it makes a world of difference. This product is fragrance free.

There are other brands out there like Saint Tropez self Tanning Bronzing Mousse. James Read is not cheap but this is next level stuff. It works the same and is fragrance free. They also have application mitts (sold separately). If you like a quicker, darker tan then I would still suggest to stick with the coconut oil I first mentioned.

“Over the counter” pharmacy fave? L’oreal sublime bronze and Jergens Natural Glow self tanning lotion. The latter even comes in a “firming” version. As much as I love baking in the sun, I know it is not good for us. Hopefully sticking with my self tanners, will cut my poolside time in half! And when I am poolside, I promise to put my sunblock on…

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