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All natural hair removal part 2

You can tell I have more time on my hands since I’m actually following up within 48 hours!

Second all natural hair removal I tried was equally messy but more tasty. Raw honey and full fat Greek yogurt. One teaspoon of the first, two of the second. You will also need sugar for phase II of this process.

Start by pulling your hair back! I have this awesome bunny headband from the Body Shop to make this even more entertaining. Stir the yogurt and the honey together to a solid paste and apply to area from which you’d like to remove peach fuzz. I played it safe with my neck again.

Leave this on for about 15 minutes. To be fair: I did not complete the third step as described. Being that I live in a sugar free household I substituted the last step with oatmeal. To remove this stuff you’re supposed to scrub it off with sugar. I used oatmeal knowing now that this is a slight abrasive as well.

This may be why only the fine hairs were gone after rinsing. I will have to try this again with sugar. Which would make sense because sugaring has been a technique used for hair removal for decades.

Conclusion: not an epic fail as far as the hair removal goes. It is a great mask however for your skin. The biggest plus of this experiment is that the leftovers are delicious!!

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