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Cheap must have!!

You all know I prefer to write about successes since I love for all us to age gracefully. One key word is: moisturize!! Your skin will give it all away. Especially mine since it’s been beaten up by the rays of the sun…can’t help myself!

I am also perpetually lazy and impatient when it comes to skin care. I like instant results. I have researched Crepe Erase, but even the common denominator there is moisture. Even though my knees and elbows are begging for help, I don’t feel the need to spend that kind of money. I will use some good ole, cheap castor oil. Although this is a great go-to at least once a month, it’s also a little messy.

In comes Johnson’s oil gel, this stuff is golden. Apply on your damp skin after you shower, right before you towel off. Pay attention to knees, elbows, under arms and your groin area. No joke, the last two are forgotten zones…just cause you don’t see them….doesn’t mean they don’t need some loving too!

There are two variations of this incredible potion. My favorite is the one with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Vitamin E is known for it’s anti aging qualities. Guess you can never start too early since you can find this stuff in the baby aisle at your local supermarket.

The other version contains Shea and Coconut oil.Both amazing ingredients to keep your bod smooth all day long as well.

And that’s exactly why I love this stuff. It lasts all day, it’s easy not too messy and it’s cheap!! For less than 5 bucks your skin will have that healthy glow all day long! You are welcome!!!

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