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Eye Creams

I have a graveyard of eye creams, The area underneath my eyes is a lost cause, mainly because I smile too much. This is what I consider to be a luxury problem. That does not prevent me from buying everything under the sun that claims to miraculously dissolve crepey under eye bags. Hence; the graveyard. I start with one product only to quickly get distracted by a supposedly better product. I don’t have the patience to finish the one jar, especially since I expect miracles, the next best thing is already in transit to my mailbox.

I am aware that this is not helpful to my skin issues. Our skin likes the comfort of the same ingredients in a product. Changing skin care products too often may actually slow the results down. Sucks to be a beauty blogger! In general, you should give any product a two week trial before you give up on them. I think I may be able to manage that….

Certain ingredients will have an instant effect, like caffeine for example to depuff. The roller ball applicator will reduce puffiness instantly especially if they are kept in the fridge. Although some mornings I need a little bit more than a tiny roller ball to get rid of these bags!

Patience is a virtue when it comes to products that contain Vitamin C. As much as this ingredient may be a little miracle worker, it may take up to twelve weeks for it to have a positive effect on your bags and wrinkles. Mmm maybe I will give my Context Vitamin C all day eye cream another shot. I will say that this product never claimed to have anti-aging benefits…maybe my expectations were too high. It only claims to hydrate and revitalize….fair enough.

Creams that target dark circles may take up to 6 months to kick in. I am glad I don’t have any issues in that department. No 7 beauty, one of my fave brands, has a Lift and Luminate Triple Action Cream. This product claims to reduce puffiness, reduce wrinkles and diminish dark circles. Since this product is slightly tinted, the latter may true. ($23.00 at Target) Is it in my pile of “has-beens”? Absolutely! This too will get a second chance.

Honorable mention to Burt’s Bees Firming Eye cream. It goes on thick and does not absorb quickly. This makes it for a great night cream. I have heard great things about their skin care line with natural retinol-like ingredients. This eye cream is worth a shot for less than $15.00.

For more in depth research and brands to try please click on the link below. It has inspired me to try a few others! Going down swinging!

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