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Fabulously Fifty

So that happened. Just like that, I’m fifty. I will have to change that hashtag to fab over 50. Does it feel different? Honestly, yes. I do feel as if I have a lot of great years left and I am going make them count! See, just that thought right there….would never cross your mind in your twenties!

I have already used the phrase “I’m Fifty for crying out loud! Too old for this nonsense!” twice in my first week of 50. I have been even more verbal and sometimes brutally honest. This is the fun part of aging!

It’s not easy though. I don’t think I will ever “grow up”. Although I did go to a winery yesterday…It’s also not that easy because your mind may think your 29 but your skin and body tell the truth.

Therefore I promise I will continue on this blogging journey to share what works and what doesn’t so you won’t have to. Because I know we are hard on ourselves! So we all need a little help. We may be older with less F’s to give but we might as well remain as fabulous AF doing so!!

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