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Face Covering Fall 2020

*sigh* Fall Fashion 2020 would definitely equate to lounge wear. The most exciting new accessory of this season is our mask. It’s just as much a necessity as an accessory so we may as well make the best of it.

I came across these funky little chains that will keep your mask fashionably within reach. It’s such a little thing probably easily made out of an old necklace but why not support your local retail store right?

Since masks will be around for a while I have purchased a sewing machine which thus far has served the perfect angle to prop up my phone for zoom calls. But…I will make my own masks…eventually. Ones that compliment my outfits as well as my eyes.

Metallics from Etsy

There are a few fall Fashion styles you can carry through in your mask such as the metallic trend. Check Etsy to order these and support small businesses while you shop.

Another oldie but back in style goodie is the gingham plaid. Or the print that never seem to fade out of the fall fashion scene: camouflage! Check out the following sites as well:, and for beautiful masks. You may be tempted to shop the collection as well though…be forewarned! Shop for customized masks and other great gifts!

Taylor Jay
Johnny Was

As silly as fashion may sound during these crazy times, we may as well have some fun with it. Whether proven effective or not it’s a small price to pay. As mentioned before, masks will not fade away quickly therefore a justifiable purchase. You may as well make a fashionable one! These will make for great stocking stuffers as well! Only 66 days until Christmas!!

Wicked Crafty Mom

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