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SIO Superlip Lift patches

Lip patches, the final verdict. I promised a friend to find out if these SIO patches have a long term effect. In my previous review I only mentioned the quick results. SIO Patches Review SIO Patch review part two

A longer term commitment to these patches was a challenge to me but since I am no quitter I decided to stick it out. No pun intended.

I initially thought that these patches would almost literally iron out the wrinkle. But it turns out that the patches draw moisture to the surface of your skin which plumps the area and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Achaa! The makers of these patches suggest using them for two weeks for longer lasting results. The patches can be used up to 15 times. With that being said, like everything else, it is never as good as the first time.

After 3 uses I had to go searching for one in my sheets when I woke up the next morning. Then I read the directions again or all the way through I should say, and it mentioned “with proper care”. This entails rinsing the patches after use before you put them back on the storage shield. After doing so, they actually seemed to stick a little bit more comfortably but yet ended up some where by my toes again by the end of the night.

With all that being said, do these patches work if used properly? My answer is yes. With my half behind attempts I saw results and not just for the moment. I can only imagine what they can do for you when used properly. The one thing I do question is the 15 uses but I will vouch for about 6.

In closure I will mention that these things kept me up at night, and I am a sleeper. Needless to say I will now have to try the eye patches again because my bags are horrific.

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  1. I always wondered about these things. I read a review where it caused red blotches and left someone in pain and that was enough to scare me. LOL. Yea, these bags are no joke at times… I need to get more sleep. Thanks for that review!

    • The only thing I will say, and thanks for reminding me!, is that I did get a zit where I had the patch. Mental note: do not pluck your mustache before applying!

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