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Vitamin D and Covid

Since I’m a sun bunny I never thought about taking vitamin D supplements. I figured it would be over kill. Even when every single doc in America recommended it, from ENT to GYNO, I still did not feel compelled.

In comes COVID. Oh this might help!? It can’t hurt…right? Overall vitamin D is supposed to be good for your bones, but did you know it’s one of the most important immune system strengthening nutrients. Neither did I!

Not actual footage of me sun bathing…

80 % of Covid-19 patients in a hospital in Spain had a Vitamin D deficiency. I read this somewhere! How do you if you lack vitamin D? Fatigue, bone pain, depression, just to name a few. Even if it won’t help fight corona these would all be good reasons to make sure your vitamin D levels are up to par!

The advised amount of Vitamin D you should take in is 600IU, although 1000 to 2000IU you may get in a supplement is “generally safe”. Quoting Mayo Clinic. Regular vitamin D is less expensive to make and easily food in fortified foods. Vitamin D3 comes from animal sources such as fish and eggs. Sunlight will also produce B3. Don’t forgot your sun screen! Check out: Soleil The good news is that this will not block your vitamin D production! Besides the supplements, there are some foods that contain vitamin D. All the goodies: spinach, kale, collards, soy beans and some fish ( like salmon!) and calcium fortified foods.

Vitamin D may protect against COVID. But even if it doesn’t, I am going to categorize this in my “it can’t hurt” category. Although constipation may occur when taking too much Vitamin D, which may be painful, but that’s a whole different blog. Please refer to: Oh Poop!

So maybe this wasn’t a pharmaceutical conspiracy I claimed this surge vitamin D recommendations to be a few years ago. Sorry doc, it took me a few years to jump on the bandwagon! I gotcha now!

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