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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10 % + Zinc 1%

I am slightly overwhelmed with the product line of the Ordinary. And why is it so cheap? My apologies, scratch the latter since I am never one to question that. But 6 bucks though!?!

Since it is so cheap I have ordered almost everything and will guide you through this land of confusion. I will start with Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1 %. I noticed a tremendous difference in one of my friend’s skin and she mentioned this magic potion. Please read all the way through cause there are some precautions…..nevertheless her skin looked like she just had an expensive microdermabrasion treatment. Glowing and flawless.

Now mind you, I have 5 years on her and need some lifting. This stuff is made to reduce signs of skin congestion and will make your skin brighter. This stuff is perfect for oily skin, which they refer to as “sebum activity”. Thank god for Google! I will say that I can vouch for less sebum activity as well as brighter, more even toned skin after using this for about a week.

However…..I would not recommend using this AM and PM as the directions suggest. Maybe this works for younger skin but this is stuff is kind of harsh. I put it on at night only and that seems to work just fine. Do not use this on overly dry skin or on areas where you may have just plucked a chin hair out of……a friend told me this….this stuff bites and will leave a mark. Last but not least do not use this in combination with the Ordinary’s pure Vitamin C or ethylated vitamin C.

My recommendation is to apply a few drops, which is al you need, before you go to bed. Followed by your favorite night cream. The product is alcohol free and vegan. I would suggest a patch test if you have sensitive skin.

Do not let this scare you though because the results are definitely noticeable within a few days. Like I said there is so much more to try! I will steer away from the teen Tik Tok Ordinary rage products and focus more on the mature Face Book Ordinary fads. To be continued!

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