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I wear heels to my home office. With my yoga pants. Not necessarily to channel my inner girl boss but to strengthen my core and keep my legs toned. I have tried to walk around on my tippy toes as well but I lack the consistency.

After nearly two weeks at my home office desk, my lower back is starting to bother me. This is partially due to the lack of a great, fancy desk chair like the one in my actual office. It is also due to my overall posture. Even just sitting at my desk in heels forces me to straighten my back and keep my core tight. Besides that my calves will get a work out on my many trips to the kitchen and bathroom! Trust me, no expert will support this theory but it works for me.

I do put sneaks on to walk!

I am also making the best of my 45 minute gained morning commute time. Suzanne Bowens and I are back at it again, BarreAmped it will be this month. For my afternoon “commute” I will walk, weather permitting. Although walking in the snow with heavy boots does literally add some weight to my work out. Another perk is the fact that I can keep my music going in between calls, which has sparked impromptu dance breaks. All adding to the step count!

Love this portable Hey Dewey Humidifier

Adding a humidifier to my work space has also proven to be beneficial. Especially with the dry heat blasting in the winter months.

It’s also a great time to give my face a “break”. I normally only wear a tinted moisturizer but I am leaving the “tint” out of it. Just The Ordinary Buffet paired with some Hyaluronic Acid. I maintain my normal morning routine; after my work out I shower and get “dressed”. I will admit; I can’t resist a lick of mascara.

As far as kitchen trips are concerned….literally 10 feet away from my desk. I try to drink lots of liquids, hence the bathroom trips as well. And I only keep healthy, boring stuff stocked up. I have zero will power, therefore it’s better to just not have it around! I, for one, am not built for this isolation. I can’t wait to go back to the office….meanwhile I will be that one who walks and dances around in heels and sweats!

Food vs Brain, Food II

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    • Thank you! It’s still easily said for me since I have only been forced to work from home for a few weeks…

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