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I am by no means complaining nor am I ungrateful for being able to stay safe and comfy in the luxury of my own home. In comparison to the concerns of front line workers, our woes are almost laughable. Therefore I will refer to them as adaption challenges.

One challenge is concerning and that is the increase in alcohol intake while working from home. I read somewhere that an overwhelming majority will start happy hour early while still “on the clock”. Mind you, I am not one of them, therefore I am not the one to offer a solution. I have never been a drinker but I can see why people will resort to alcohol while isolated. I can relate to the pressure from home employment, which may drive me to eat more rather than drink… #stayhome

Secondly, the increase in caffeine in take. This can also be hazardous to your health when taken to the extreme. I limit my daily intake to 3 cups. One to wake up, the second to actually get going and then another one around 2 to get me through the rest of the day. The plus side to this is that it will keep you hydrated. These cups will count in your daily liquid intake. It also stimulates the brain! The hazard comes in when you drink over 5 cups a day (my personal guess). I am also not referring to lattes and macchiatos! Plain old coffee with some milk puh-lease, or a nice cappuccino.

My biggest challenge is the lack of social interaction. Even while social distancing during the last few months in my office, just a mere “good morning” or a masked smile is priceless. I now greet house pets with a chipper good morning, and it won’t be long before I will have full blown conversations with them. My suggestion is to pick up the phone after work to call someone, have Zoom calls with your friends but also to get out of your house. Even if it’s just for a walk, I get as many “good mornings” from my neighbors as I did from my staff.

Last “adaption challenge” is getting out of our PJ’s. I stick to my routine, I work out, shower and get “dressed”. I am a firm believer that this makes me more productive. One more thing; whether at work or home…keep your chin up. Both literally and figuratively. It is good for your overall mood as well as your turkey neck.

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