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SubQ Skin Hylamide

I pointed out to a dear friend of mine that my face is showing the signs of aging. Being a true friend his reply was not “what are you talking about I don’t see any wrinkles”, he merely told me that I have earned my lines. My laugh lines, my WTF creases in my forehead…they are all part of me. But that doesn’t mean I am just going to let it go of course!

And I may have found a winner ladies and gentle people. While researching my skin routine on the Deciem website I was kindly referred to their more “upscale” line for aging skin; SubQ Skin. Upscale meaning 22 dollars a pop rather than their around 7 bucks for The Ordinary Serums. Therefore still within my budget.

I started with the Hylamide. Not sure why they all sound like they would burn a hole in your skin, but I guess I like to live dangerously. Hylamide targets; surface hydration, fine lines, below surface hydration, wrinkles, dynamic lines and textural irregularities. Yes, that comes straight off their website! I will spare you the rest of the scientific explanations.

You may use this stuff AM and PM. Since it is a serum, it is advisable to follow up with a moisturizer. So tempted to order the Hylamide booster now too but even without this, I am amazed by the results. My face was not in it’s normal Sharpei mode in the morning, it actually looked plump and smooth. I initially only put it on my cheeks and forehead but I will focus on all the other lines as well since I have now learned it targets those as well.

I like it because of the instant results, I do not have the patience to wait a few weeks to monitor results. I have also learned that my skin is taking a blow for the sake of research. Your skin will get used to a product, which will allow for a product to work better and for your skin to remain firmer. Beauty bloggers are doing the opposite, we are constantly putting our faces and skin through experimental phases. I think I may stick it out with this one until it runs out…I will find something else to test and review…

Oh snap! They have something for eyes too? There you go! I am on the waiting list for this now. Once received I will make sure I will test this too. My eyes, as you all know, are a lost cause. I smile, I can’t help myself! True beauty still comes from within…

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