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Face Blaster by Ashley Black

Not that it is truly significant but most of my friends do not look their age. Some naturally, some with a little bit of help but all equally fab.

I asked someone who gets a little bit of help, which in my opinion she doesn’t need, what she does about the lines above her lips. She refers to them as marionette lines….I call them that barcode above the lip. Read Upper lip for preventive measures…..

We both agree that fillers are not the answer, however she referred me to this little tool called the FaceBlaster. I am a skeptic when it comes to “tools” mainly due to my own lack of determination to consistently use them but my beautiful friend is living proof of the results therefore I decided to give it a shot.

There are different varieties of this little torture tool. I say this in jest, because there is no pain involved although if used incorrectly it probably could be. There is an actual FasciaBlaster for massaging tissues in any area of the body. This one is beneficial for temporarily increasing blood flow to each area of your body and over time lessen the appearance of cellulite.

They also sell a massage and refining tool called the Mini 2 which has a nugget tip to smooth transition between FasciaBlasting and trigger point therapy. I decided just to stick to the FaceBlaster…plus the recommended creams and oils….

This thing has 3 claws that also stimulate the blood circulation in your face but can be used all over your body as well. I will try this on my bingo arms too. I will keep you posted on those results! But first, the face….

I actually watch the tutorial on Ashley Black’s website. I figured I owed you guys that much. My friend described it as if you are wanking off an old man until your arm gets tired, when I asked her how long I should use this thing for….That only counts for the jaw line motion by the way. Other motions are required for the rest of your face as shown in my video.

The time is about 2 to 5 minutes for each area. The recommended frequency; about 3 times a week. I feel as I saw immediate results in my jawline. I am still working on the marionette lines but I will update on that in a few weeks. Overall your skin will look red and slightly “on-fire-ish” once done. And also oddly rejuvenated.

Make sure you apply oil to your face before using it and remove this oil once done. She also recommends to not use this around your cheek bone area, since these look better plump. I am not sure what the whole scientific process is behind this FaceBlaster but I will stick with it diligently for a few weeks. With before and after pics, in order to give you my final opinion.

As promised, I will try it on my inner upper arms as well. Although I feel as if all these repetitive motions while FaceBlasing will already improve that area. Kind of like a shake weight…without that much weight….

To be continued….

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