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To line or not to line….

My girlfriends and I leave no subject untouched. I have material for days from our last girls night. But I will stick with one for now; pantyliners. Yay or nay?

Especially at our age we may need some pantyliners due to some irregular spotting or even a little oops when trying to be cool on a trampoline or dance floor. I don’t think they are an every day thing though although some beg to differ.

Would you like the pro’s first? They can be used for everyday protection and they keep moisture away. And they help keep your undies clean…

The con’s? They may rub against your labia possibly causing slight irritation and redness. Also try to avoid the scented ones they may irritate the area around the vajayjay as well. Or The Honey Pot. Scented pantyliners should be avoided also, they can cause discomfort down there too.

If you are a “liner”, make sure you change them every few hours or else you are achieving the opposite effect down there. The trapped moisture will create a swamp like environment. My apologies, for that is the only way I can think of describing that. For that same reason; you should not keep them in overnight. I think the chacha should roam free at night anyway, if you know what I mean. Let that thing breath.

I will say that The Honey Pot Company came out with an every day herbal pantyliner. They are made from pesticide free cotton and infused with essential oils, which create a gentle “cooling” effect. They are more expensive than your every day CareFree liners but so worth it. Your vagina is worth it. There I said it!

When you do line…do it right please and thank you.

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