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The Honey Pot

I went down here before (Landing strip). One of my blogs with the most hits and that was just about the grooming part of it all. This will be the one about the overall maintenance.

I personally always crack up at the commercials with the woman at her desk and the voice over insinuating she may need some Summer’s Eve. My immediate thought is that she may need more than that if you can smell yourself but there may be circumstances when you just might…

This leads me to “Intimate Wellness” a booming business at the moment, not to be confused with “Sexual Wellness”. The vajayjay is a naturally acidic environment for the main purpose of keeping unhealthy bacteria out. You want to keep that in tact, which basically means to just let it be.

Now! The vulva, the part around the actual hoo hah, is a different animal. I know you are all waiting for a beaver association but I thought that would be too obvious. Short autonomy lesson. The vagina is the muscular tube on the inside, the vulva refers to all the stuff around it on the outside. The vulva should be gently washed, since you still don’t want to upset the PH level of the vagina. Regular soap may trigger infections.

I came across a brand called The Honey Pot Company at AfroPunk. They sell plant-based feminine hygiene products. Since then these ladies have expanded tremendously and their products are now sold at national retailers like Target. They have a refreshing panty spray, perfect for hot summer days or when you have a been dancing in your pleather pants all night…just saying…The Honey Pot also has individually wrapped sensitive wipes for freshness on the go. These wipes are multi-taskers, great for your privates, body and face.

Speaking of multi-tasking. While researching this topic I came across something called Fur Fur oil. Not only will this keep your pubic hair soft and your vulva nourished, it also will soften cuticles and can be applied to your split ends.

The biggest challenge about discussing the vagina is the actual use of the word. I personally have no issues with it but will refer to it as my hoo hah, others may use the term cha-cha or the above mentioned vajayjay. The more creative amongst us may reference their lady garden, vertical smile or my new found favorite: panty hamster. All kidding aside, be gentle to whatever you may call it. Wash it with gentle, paraben-free products to maintain your natural PH level. With “it” I mean the vulva…not the vajayjay. What should we nickname that!?!

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