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Spring Prep 2021

I’m a happy camper! Less than 20 days until Spring and just a few weeks before daylight savings ends! It’s been a long winter and the pandemic was of no help.

To maintain some sense of normalcy I will adhere to my normal spring prep routine. Fresh new white tanks, cause after a year your whites ain’t so white anymore. Crispy new white blouse, for the same reason. A little self tanner. And last but not least, I will amp up my exercise routine.

The first two are easy and cheap. Forever 21 will always have an assortment of tank tops for a few bucks. Get your white cotton blouse for less than 20 dollars at H&M and you will be amazed how much those two items will brighten up your closet.

New Day by Target

I’m also obsessed with this shirt with exaggerated shoulders that I found at Target for $10.00. Sleeveless, but will hide your boob flab and aging pits. Although I have no shame in showing either of those off!

I will vouch this year to be more diligent about my sunblock. My skin is too leathery in certain places. I am a sun bunny but moderation is key. Plus self tanners are safer and just as effective for that bronze look. James Read Self Tanners Saint Tropez Self Tanner are both great picks!

As far as working out is concerned; I’m pretty loyal to my barre and Jillian Michaels as far as workouts are concerned. The first to keep my legs toned, the latter for my arms. For my sanity I also try to get out and walk as much as I can.

This spring you may also want to refresh your mask collection. Opt for lighter and brighter colors to compliment your spring outfits. I don’t know about you but my clothes are just collecting dust in my closet so everything is going to feel new again. I don’t really feel the need to go shopping for new spring threads. For now…that may change though, once I am out there shopping for tank tops…

Last but not least; pedi’s go a long way…as well as new razors. It’s work ladies! One thing I don’t like about Spring and Summer!

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