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Skinny Jeans vs. Flares

When skinny jeans first came out, my initial reaction was hells to the no. But like every other trend, I literally got sucked into it. The low rise skinnies were the worst. A constant tug of war to avoid the construction worker look to become the next trend.

Gladly high rise skinnies entered the scene soon after. High rises also control the muffin top. Please read Muffin top. As uncomfortable as these may be especially when sitting down….and eating a hefty meal. They did enhance the skinny jean. But still did not make them flattering. Overall skinny jeans are not always the most flattering for your derrière, unless you have the ones that create a butt lifting effect. This mostly has to do with the positioning of the back pockets.

Pockets high and a little to the side

Back pockets make a huge difference in the appearance of your hiney. To give a saggy butt a little lift make sure the pockets are placed higher on the seat. If they are slightly tilted, it’s even better. Whatever shape your butt is never have back pockets that sit lower than then where your butt cheeks meet your legs. It may not seem obvious but for the bigger behinds, opt for bigger pockets. This will keep the proportions balanced. For wider derrières stick with pockets that are set more closely together. It is all about optical illusions.

Back to the skinnies; I am so happy bells are “back in”. Bell bottoms will always elongate your legs. Add in a high waist and they will accent your booty perfectly as well. Being that I like to wear heels with my bells, this sneaker head will not give up the skinnies just yet. I still like to rock my lo rise chucks and they work better with the latter.

High waisted flares by H&M

“New” on the scene are the straight wide leg jeans. They can be very flattering, with heels on long legged creatures. But may achieve the opposite effect on the shorter amongst us. The above mentioned will work on any body type, shape, length.

Just an FYI; my favorite fits are by H&M and American Eagle.

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