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Face Blaster part 2

I have been pretty good with my Face Blaster. Come to find out, maybe a little too good. The one thing you should remember is to use very gentle, light strokes. I may been a bit harsh on myself. My face did feel a little red and on “fire-ish” after most likely blasting a bit too enthusiastically.

Secondly I played my favorite songs averaging 3 minute each while blasting each section. Even that may have been a bit much. The recommended time is between a minute and a half and three minutes. Last but not least; two to three times a week. Now that last part I have been doing correctly, I can’t commit to more than that.

I have also used their products. Pre-blaster cleanser, blaster oil, post-blaster cleanser and post-blaster cream. The cleanser is amazing, it will get more make up off than my regular cleanser. The face blaster oil is greasier than a regular vitamin E oil. It has a more lube like consistency…no pun intended with the wanking off in Part 1. Face Blaster by Ashley Black Therefore the original oil may just be more effective. You will also need the post blast cleanser to remove all this stuff because your regular facial wipes won’t stand the test. Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil works as well and is less greasy. As I am sure any facial oil will do the trick. Just never blast dry!

It gets a bit sticky!

I feel as I see a difference. Not in the marionette lines but definitely in the jaw line. I realize I have only been doing this for a month but pretty consistently I will proudly add. I am not sure how long results last but I have a feeling it will have to remain part of your weekly routine. Which is not completely impossible to do. There are a ton of reviews out there about the effectiveness of body blasting. I am lucky as far as cellulite is concerned but I hear it’s an effective treatment for that as well.

I guess there will be a part 3 to this…in about 6 months. Stay tuned.

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