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Muffin top

Muffin tops are only necessary on an actual muffin. So much so that this is the only part I will eat of a muffin. Some brilliant baker had a light bulb moment and actually marketed just the top of the muffin….wish I thought of that!


But this one is not supposed to about food….it is about the totally unnecessary muffin top we create ourselves by wearing the wrong clothing, the wrong sizes and/or the wrong under wear. It is literally defined like that “a term to describe skin or body fat that is visible above a waistline of pants or skirt because of tight clothing”….seems so simple..

I’ll start with the clothing, in this case the culprit is most likely your pants. Be thankful for the new high waist trend; these pants are instant muffin top erasers. Are they comfortable? Not necessarily…but they will accent your waist line and give the optical illusion of wider hips and bigger hiney in a good way.  The other way to go are lower waist pants with a wide band. Even the “new” paperbag waist pants will conceal the MT. Try to avoid anything with an elastic waistband or drawstring.


None of this will work if you are wearing the wrong size to begin with. No one sees the size on the inside, except for that genius who thought it was cute to put the size on the outside label at Levi’s, so go up a size if needed. It is logical that pants that are too small will push up your fluff which creates this phenomenon. Give it some room to breathe…

I should have started with this because this is where the damage is initially done. I, for example looove boy shorts, but not the ones with the wide elastic waistband. Same principal: not flattering. Opt for the no shows as well as panties with a higher waist line or lower comfy waist bands that don’t pinch, such as the lace waist band shown below. Same rule applies for your skivvies as for pants; don’t buy them too small….please….


Lastly some sites suggest; wear empire waistline shirts…ironically, if long enough they can cover up a FUPA too…I am going to leave that one alone though!


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