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Sneaker head

I am not a true sneaker head. But I believe when you have at least 10 pairs next to your actual functional athletic shoes then you may be well on your way.

I have a little bit of a tomboy in me but I love to wear a good heel just as much. The fun part about sneaks is that you can swap them out with your heels with any outfit. Sneakers will add that swag.

Wearing sneakers with jeans may be a bit tricky depending on the jeans style. Boot leg jeans or flares may not be the way to go with kicks. Unless you own some converse platform sneaks or you’re tall. Please do wear them with skinny jeans, you may even want to roll these up a bit to show some ankle.

Athletic shoes with leggings or yoga pants are obviously always a go. You can have fun with this though if you just want a cool casual look rather than a functional work out look. Pair your trainers with some pleather leggings or with some fun colored yoga pants for a funky day time look. swap your sneakers out at night with some heels and just keep it moving!

I love wearing sneakers with thick tights. Not a fan favorite but I think it’s fun and comfy! Same thing goes here; the look is easily transferred into a night time ensemble by switching them up with some killer heels.

Sneakers and shorts are naturally a go…also a look the more adventurous amongst us may try with heels…

Last but not least; some “new” styles you may have owned in high school. You may want to give them a rest the second time around, since that may give an adverse effect. But then again…do what you wanna do…that’s once again the beauty of sneakers! Anything basically goes..

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