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Crepe Erase Review

This one falls in my oh-snap-this-crap-actually-works category. Sometimes I root for products to fail for two reasons. First of all; I don’t want to spend the money. Secondly; I don’t want to add any steps to my already extensive daily routine. This is a lot of work people!

So why did I try it? Because of these darn ULTA beauty days, the stuff was half off. I will say that I have researched this product before. One expert said that it is simple logic; when you keep your skin moisturized, it will remain smooth. Well, with age you can slap on a bottle a lotion a day but the crepe will set in mr. Expert. Side note; not sure why I automatically assume it’s a “mr” expert.

Stock photos with similar results

I started to notice the difference in my arms more and more. This is partially due to sun exposure as well. Your elbows are a lost cause, I will note. Don’t waste this stuff on them. But especially the armpit area and the literal under the arm area needed some help in my case.

I purchased the two step system. A scrub for in the shower and a lotion to follow up. I only used it on my arms and underarm area to test it. You will have to take my word for this because before and after pictures are hard to produce in this case. Mainly since I forgot to take the before, honestly because my hopes weren’t high. I do stand corrected.

The key to this concoction, besides a multitude of moisturizing ingredients, is dimethicone. This is the same stuff that is used in primers to make your skin look smoother. So maybe that is why this works, it’s a body primer. This would also indicate that this product is a temporary fix. The key is consistency. You know me by now; I like quick fixes. Therefore I will keep using it until I see it somewhere on sale again.

Besides the routine part I mentioned the price. This stuff is cheaper ordering directly from their site, around 40 bucks, but you automatically get signed up for reorders. Which brings me back to having to be consistent with this product. I, afraid of commitment, will stick with ULTA…when it’s on sale again since it costs around 50 there. It is so tempting because while investigating this brand I realized they have expanded to a line of facial products. Say wha!?! You think this will work on my eyes….or neck….

Is this another “to be continued”?….

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