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Underwear was one of my most popular blogs. Never realized I had so much to say about this. Since our lifestyles have changed so have our clothes and undergarments. It’s all about the comfort right? I covered that in To bra or not to bra…. But wait! There’s more….

If going without a bra may not be the best idea, then what about going commando? It’s okay, according to the experts. Although I would only recommend it at night, or when you don’t want panty lines or when working out. The latter is the most important. It may even prevent yeast infections. Make sure your work out gear has built-ins or liners with anti-bacterial fabric that can absorb more sweat before doing so!

Cotton knickers are always better in my opinion but if you chose to wear undies while exercising then resort to synthetic materials. Opt for fabrics like nylon, spandex and even polyester granted that they are “wicking” and breathable. Wicking is “acting to absorb or draw off liquid by capillary action” according to the dictionary, in case you were wondering.

After working out make sure you get out of your sweaty gear and take a quick shower to get rid of the sweat and bacteria. Or use The Honey Pot Company Feminine wipes for a quick fix….anything but letting it simmer…

When shopping for drawers, you may have different reasons in mind but keep your vagina in your thoughts as well. All the sexy stuff is fine for that purpose but may cause redness and chafing. Thongs aren’t bad, as long as they aren’t too tight or too synthetic.

Unfortunately not my buttocks

I found the perfect, not-so-sexy-but-comfy-and-functional thong at Target of all places. It’s the high waisted seamless thong by Auden. I will say that the “seamless” part is an optimistic claim. The seams are pretty thick but that high waist makes up for it. Yummie also claims to have high waisted cotton thongs which look comfy but I have not had the pleasure of trying them yet.

You know I don’t do shape-wear for the same reason; the overall health of the vajayjay. But if you feel as if it is needed, just remember to not wear it 24/7. Let it breath ladies! The Honey Pot

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