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Nair Leg mask

Be forewarned; it gets messy. You will be cleaning the grout in your bathroom walls when you’re done with this. Is it worth it? I believe so.

Your legs are exfoliated every time you run a razor over them. Not only are you removing hair, you are also getting rid of dead skin cells. I believe this is the reason why your legs don’t wrinkle as quickly. This does not mean your legs don’t need any TLC.

There are two versions of the Nair Leg Mask, one with seaweed and natural clay. The other with charcoal and clay. I tried the latter which in hindsight is probably the messier one. This is a multi-tasker; it removes stubble and “beautifies” your legs. The clay and charcoal draws out and removes the hair, dirt and impurities.

Charcoal is a gentle exfoliant. Clay is a natural purifier. But then there’s something else that removes hair below the surface which removes stubble and minimizing regrowth. Check, check and check. It works! Even with my European coarse hair. I am the should-shave-every-day type.

The down side is the consistency of the product. As aforementioned, it gets MESSY. Side note; remove your underwear before putting this mask on. The “wash your hands after applying” always cracks me up too. Even that is a challenge without getting it all over the sink and faucet…Another tiny observation would be that you can probably only get two good uses out of one tube. But that would mean it costs about $5.50 per treatment which is not a bad deal right?

The plus sides are smoother legs that did feel stubble free. The fact that the hair does seem to take longer to grow back is a huge other. Last but not least; it will remove hair from those stubborn areas like the knees and hard to get to areas like the back of your hamstrings.

I will most likely use his product once a month…right before my bathroom needs a good scrubbing anyway. Just channel your inner child and play in the mud, although this time it will be you who is cleaning up the mess too!

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