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The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

I have been dreading this one a little bit. There is a lot of hype around the Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. Or should I say there was…in the “youths” eyes.

My hesitancy derived from the plain old look of this stuff; it looks like blood, but also from some of the reviews. What you should know about The Ordinary is what also makes it so affordable, they use single ingredients. Mostly in higher concentrations than when added to your daily moisturizer or facial peels in this case.

Since most of the reviews were done by the younger ones amongst us, I had to give this a try for the sake of us middle aged peeps. Our skin needs a little more TLC. Be forewarned, at any age, if you have sensitive skin I would let this one slide. After reading a couple of horrifying reviews, I decided to tread lightly as well.

Surprisingly it did not sting, as some experienced. I cowardly left it on for 5 minutes rather than the suggested 7 to 10. I then rinsed with lukewarm water. After already having shoved numerous feathers up the Ordinary’s behind I was ready for my first negative review. But this deserves more feathers!

My skin felt clean and taut, slightly reddish but in a good way. Like after most facials or peels. At our age the steps after this peel are crucial because if you don’t follow up with a good moisturizer you’re skin will dry and shrivel up.

But what to use on your lightly battered skin now that won’t irritate it? If you have any hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary, I would start with that. Then follow with a moisturizer for sensitive skin. One without vitamin A, retinol, peptides or vitamin C. Be gentle! I resorted back to my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Cerave moisturizer would be perfect too.

My skin still looked fresh as a daisy in the AM after this pre-bedtime adventure. I am going to start by using this once a week, even though bo-weekly is suggested. I know there is still a chance my face will break out after a few uses. If so, I will add a note to this review.

It does claim to reduce the look of fine lines with continued use. Something every exfoliant claims to do due to the removal of old skin cells. I will continue the moderation.

Fun fact: this stuff contains a Tasmanian Pepperberry derivative and a black carrot as an antioxidant. I always wonder who came up with thinking that may be a good idea to put on your face. But I’m glad someone did!

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