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Iced VS. Cold Brew

My well deserved guilty pleasure are my daily cups of java. I don’t smoke and am a light weight when it comes to alcohol. That’s how I justify my caffeine in take.

Studies about coffee are all over the place as far as health benefits or concerns go. Therefore I figure, if I can keep it to a 3 cup max a day, I should be fine.

During the summer I’m hooked on cold brew. I did not know this is not just a fancy name for iced coffee. Which I know, in turn, is a fancy name for cold coffee. The difference is actually literally that; cold brew is brewed cold and iced coffee is cold coffee served over ice.

In comes Nitro Cold Brew. Known for its smoothness. Nitro cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas. These bubbles give the coffee a satiny thickness. The brewing process is similar to the brewing process of a stout, that’s why they look similar. Fun fact! This brewing process is also the reason why you pay a little extra for a Nitro Cold Brew.

Plus side to cold brews is that they are less acidic than regular iced coffee. Overall they tend to taste better to me than plain old ice coffee. This is not a scientific fact just my opinion.

One last thing that I have mentioned before. Don’t get your dark roasts and blondes twisted. A light roast tends to have a higher caffeine content due to the fact that the bean is not roasted to death to create a dark roast. The dark roast may have a bolder taste with the added placebo effect…but the blondes in this case will have more fun.

You’re welcome!

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