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Blenders vs Wedges

Jeezzz! Not sure what I got myself into. My frugal mind was spinning about this one. Therefore I decided to do some research, not aware of the depths of this subject.

As always, it starts with the beauty tutorials, they use beauty blenders. I am still the old fashioned finger blotter but do see the benefits of blenders on aging skin. But why are they so pricey?! Being that they are little germ bombs, which don’t last very long, I need some budget justification.

I am tempted to resort to wedges. A whole bag for a couple of bucks. Versus 2 of those blends thingies for around 5 dollars and up. (Tip: SHEIN sells them for a lot less). Made me wonder what the pro’s and con’s are, although deep in my heart I already know what’s coming.

I could wrap this up in one sentence; a wedge make up sponge can basically do the same thing as a beauty blender. The difference is the shape…but that would be a cop out. What I did not know about the blender is that they re made out of “aqua-activated” foam, simply put “add water”. I have been using them dry up until this point. Another fun fact is that besides using them to apply concealer or foundation, they make your serums and moisturizer application more smooth too.

Now the wedge shape makeup sponge can be used wet or dry, simply make small tapping motions to apply. Their shape allows you to contour and literally get into those hard to reach areas. Although I believe the tip of a beauty blender can get there as well. Wait a minute, I am supposed to root for the cheap stuff! So the pro is that they are more versatile and can be used for precise application. The con is that these things are meant for one time use. Hence, the cheap bag full of wedges. You can bathe beauty blenders……

So I am leaning towards the beauty blender since these apparently are also better for dry skin (read: aging). The soft, smooth surface is gentle on your skin (read: less tugging on the wrinkles). I also wondered if these things absorb the make up which basically would mean you are using more of it. This also turns out not to be the case. Beauty blenders do absorb water but not make up. I will admit there seems to be more to the beauty blender than I originally thought which makes it a justifiable purchase.

In either case; I am still not knocking the cheap stuff…and I have a whole bag left of them…Obviously the material they are made of is cheaper and therefore could irritate your skin. But no matter what sponge you use or choose, always keep in mind that they are both little germ bombs. Use the wedge once and make sure you clean the blenders and also replace in due time.

I honestly don’t use enough make up to become an expert on either one. I also know that both of these already have been surpassed by the silicone makeup sponge and/or the microfiber makeup sponge. But I am a simple girl. I will gladly use my beauty wedges until they are all gone and resort to my beauty blenders after that. I did buy them for the purpose of research. Who knows what else will be on the market 6 months from now when I need to replenish my beauty blenders.

I already knew that was coming. In some cases being cheap doesn’t pay off.

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