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MetGala 2021

So I am running fashionably late! First time I missed the MetGala red carpet…it’s still nice out, can’t keep me inside! That doesn’t mean I didn’t take my sweet old time looking at all the attendees on every on-line Forum so I could entertain you with my rather insignificant opinion…

I was overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. The Met is a Gala that is set for the second Monday in September and it’s considered Fashion’s Biggest Night Out. This year it was a celebration of the Costume’s institution newest exhibition: “In America, A Lexicon of Fashion” opening on September 18th. Which I will go check out. Anna Wintour at her finest. The dress code this year was “American Independence”. One of the few who clearly stuck to that was representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who unfortunately caught some slack for that!

Stunning as ever!

But the fashion!! In my non expert view; there was a lot of bulky stuff, an abundance of feathers and a ton of sheer dresses. The biggest fashion faux pas at the Met is minimalism.

I am going to start with my couples. Special shout out to Alicia Keys. Classy, Sassy and Badassy as always. Plus her arm candy complements her outfit too! Kiki and Kirby were adorable. Honestly one of my favorites were Pharrell and Helen in Chanel. Don’t ask me why, cause it wasn’t spectacular but that girl was rocking that leather! I should mention Rihanna and her boo, but they have been getting most of the attention already. I am rooting for the underdogs.

My favorite go to ladies; Regina King, Tracee Ellis Ross, JLo and Lupita. Yay, Nay, Uhm and Yay. Regina in her custom made Michael Kors pinstripe gown was absolutely stunning. Tracee was channeling her mom, so I can’t say anything bad about that. JLO could have done with out the hat, it took away from the gown which was stunning from the back. And Lupita….you know I love me some denim. Different and classy in her Versace gown.

My favorites besides some of the above mentioned? I am always a sucker for a gown. Normali nailed this in her ball gown by Valentino. Simone Biles won the essence of the Met Gala award for me in her 88 pound gown by Area. Jeezzz you have to be an athlete to pull that off. Kendall Jenner, I know I usually stay away from the younguns’ but how elegant was she? I know her sister stole the show with her theatertrical ensemble but I am rooting for her baby sister in this case.

I don’t like to be negative and see the beauty in everything. Therefore I will say that my underwhelming votes go to Gabrielle Union. Sorry girl, it looked great from the back. Honestly, I think it was the hair that threw me off in combination with the front. Tessa Thompson, I am also not sure what to say about and I can’t seem to make up my mind about Iman….it’s in between the best and worst dressed for me…what do you think?

I realize I keep using the word “Fashion” but it’s more about “Style” for me. Style is more fun….carry on.

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