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Aging Skin

I would like to encourage everyone ages 35 and up to start lathering up. There are certain spot that need some TLC in the moisturizing department. Some say your skin may get “lazy” and will not restore itself once it gets used to excessive moisturizing. Therefore I would recommend doing this once a day, I prefer lotioning up in the AM.

First and foremost; my knees are a lost cause. I went through a bottle of Palmer’s oil plus my Oil of Olay “miracle” potion, all to no avail. Of course you cannot stop the aging process but we can hopefully slow it down a bit. For the knees I recommend exercise. Biking, walking, swimming, even walking in your heels all day will make your knees look better.

The “wenis”, yes that is what that flabby elbow thing is called, or weenus is also questionable. In my case I believe this is unfixable as well with just lotion but weight training is key there also.

Same thing goes for that little flabby atrocity right by my armpit. There is hope for that too! Not so much with lotion and oils but by switching up my exercise routine. I am not an expert, but I believe in my case the modified push ups work miracles on my side arm pit flab. A little bit below that you will find your boob fat, although the lady at Victoria Secret corrected me that it’s called breast tissue. Another area I need to tackle.

The other areas which should be lathered up are the chest and neck. I take full responsibility for my leathery chest, as I’m a sun bunny but even that will have to change this upcoming summer. I do love Olay’s new line of body washes containing collagen. Or the one from the same line containing Hyaluronic Acid. They are both worth the investment.

Another part with most of us forget are your inner thighs, and I don’t mean right above the knees. I am talking about that dip right by your Vajayjay. Not many people will see this unless you spend a lot of time spread eagle on a beach, but that area will give away your age in a heartbeat. JS!

It’s a process people. I go through bottles of lotion a day. Try lotions with vitamin E and collagen. Crepe Erase works too but it all circles back to moisture….Crepe Erase Review



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