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The hair around your nips

Have to think about how to title this one without turning people off. It’s the one about nipple hair. I already tackled the Landing strip, I feel as if this is needed as well. I remember asking my gyno in my early twenties when that first hair appeared. She gave that comforting maternal old lady smile and explained that they come with age.

With that being said, keep in mind that your entire body is covered in hair, in some parts they just tend to be or become more visible with age. I just want to assure you that there is no need to remove the hair on your areola. Should you chose to; please keep reading.

I was always told that the safest way to remove these hairs where with small scissors, like the ones you may use to clip your hang nail. With my eye sight diminishing this sometimes leads to painful situations. Hence my search for; how to safely remove nipple hair?

Contrary to what I was told, “tweezing” comes up first. Caution is required since the skin around your nips is very sensitive. It is recommended to do this after you shower, this helps the pores open up and will make it easier and less painful to remove the hair. Confirming my learnings, by doing so your may open up the possibility of ingrown hairs or an infection. Either one of these is enough for me to not try it, please let me know if you have good experience with this technique. Along the same line and with the same warnings is shaving your nipple. Once again while in the shower or right after. Be very careful not to cut yourself.

Waxing or sugaring is definitely not recommended, unless it’s done by a professional. Talk with a trained aesthetician about their experience with this. Laser or electrolysis is an option but an expensive and not a permanent one. It is also not recommended to use bleaching or hair removal creams made for your bikini line. These may also cause irritation.

I guess I will resort to my little nail scissors….and my reading glasses!!!

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