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Fountain of Youth

It may be a sign from up above but every magazine I opened this week has an article about “age-fighting” or “putting aging on ice”. Aging sucks, the advice of my elders customers is “don’t get old”…mmm what is the alternative?

I do believe, from my own experience that I have figured out the best way to go about this aging process. First of all it’s your mind set; age is definitely nothing but a number, if you try to maintain a positive attitude and basically enjoy every small thing in life you are half way there. Getting lotsa of sleep is my second secret, or just unwinding as a whole maybe with a good book or watching a movie is key. Fresh air works miracles for me as well, that’s why I like to walk. Which brings me to exercising….as much as we may not want to do it; it is undeniably necessary as we age.

What do the experts have to say about this in the articles? That I am half way on the right track!

Health magazine throws the omega-6 fatty acids in there. This confuses the crap out of me because I thought these were good for you…Omega-6 fatty acids are found in poultry, eggs, nuts, whole-grain bread. I guess it is all about moderation again. You need less of those and more of the omega-3’s. This means fish, walnuts, chia seeds, soy beans and oh did I mention fish!!

They also advise you to eat smaller meals more often and stop eating after dinner (Yay I already do that too…check!).

The same experts suggest a daily (!) work out, at least 30 minutes a day. Screw a “rest”day. They also recommend to stay on your feet. This is hard when you have a desk job like I do but I do try to get up as much as I can. I read somewhere that for every hour you sit you have to get up and move around for at least ten minutes..not just for your health, but also for your sanity and to rest your eyes from the computer screen..

My favorite advice is always the “avoid stress” and “deal with tension” to “delay” aging. Like we have a choice at times….but then again this may circle back to my personal “tricks and tips” for the aging…try to look at it in a positive light. Sounds very “floaty” right? Someone thought me the best line: “it’s not that deep”….and seriously it works! I often wonder; is this really that serious to get worked up over? I used to have a horrid communute every morning; I could have sat there and get frustrated about it or I just have a party in my car; music, snacks….I jammed it out!

People; friends, family, coworkers can get the best of you too. Are some of them worth my energy at all? I have learned to be honest and speak my mind…whether people like it or not…it makes me feel a lot better. Inner peace…..hummmmm….

Another article focused more on the actual skin signs of aging. The “look better-feel better” approach. A surprising tip: stop chewing gum. This can lead to jaw sagging!

Keep your chin up..when you are on your phone or on the computer most of the day try to do this on an angle so that yo are not folding and creasing your neck.

Avoid rapid dieting (tol’ you!!!) this causes facial skin to stretch out which triggers sagging.

Ooh I do this too! Change your pillow case. Silk pillow cases cause less friction to your skin while sleeping…or tossing and turning!

I have known and implemented most of this stuff…my subconscious fountain of youth. It all boils down to if you look better, you feel better, which will shine through no matter your age!


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