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Under eye care

It seems to be all about antioxidants in skincare now. Something I missed…I was too focused on collagen and such! The area under my eyes is a disaster in the winter. All year long due to excessive smiling but add cold weather and dry indoor heat to the mix and I get all shriveled up.

The make up brand Erno Laszlo has been around for 90 plus years, therefore it is not surprising that they seem to know what they are doing and are entitled to charge a pretty penny for it. I came across the Antioxidant Complex for Eyes through the AllureBeauty box (still not an affiliate!) but that box keep getting better! The description of this potion mentions nothing about wrinkles or crowfeet, just merely the soothing, depuffing qualities of it. But the key ingredient is Vitamin E, which I do know now, is an antioxidant that strengthens the skin and boosts it’s renewal abilities. There you have it! You can smell that blog about Vitamin E brewing right?

Now, as aforementioned, it is not cheap. $98.00. BUT I purchased a full size, I treated myself with a holiday gift card, and that little jar will last for months. About a dollar a day….I am good at justifying things…

I am sure this stuff is fine all by itself. However, due to excessive dryness, I decided to add Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado to it. Kiehl’s has been around longer than Enzo by the way. I am notorious for slapping stuff on without reading instructions first but something compelled me to read up on this. You are supposed to rub the cream in between your fingers before dapping it onto the area below the eye. Due to the water in oil texture, you will need to warm it up a little in order for it to blend better.

Key ingredients: avocado oil, beta-carotene and good ole shea butter. The absolute plus of this stuff is that it “defends against digital eye fatigue” caused by blue light. It is the perfect all day hydrator during these winter months and beyond…You can also apply this as a mask, by applying a thick layer and leaving it on for 10 minutes. When I am working from home, I just apply a thicker layer and let it do it’s thang. This miracle potion is definitely worth the $34.00.

Last but not least, we all know by now to gently tap any cream or serum below the eye. No pulling, tugging or rubbing please. Thank you!

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