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Spring Preview 2022

In the wake of a snowstorm I love to daydream about swapping out my drap winter hues to fun lighter stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love my black but I do get tired of it after a few months.

As always, the Springs colors include pastels, it seems like an unwritten Spring rule. This time around the pastels may be spiced up a bit by pairing them with primary colors. Think along the lines of lavender with orange or baby pink with green. I think it’s a little tricky with solid pieces but it works in graphic prints or stripes.

I am more excited about the other Spring colors; bright yellow, orange, hot pink and my personal favorite, green. The latter being the apple or grass green. These colors are not necessarily combined, they will be mostly solid pieces. Another style I prefer. I tend to keep prints away from my face, unless you want the distraction, but I love them in a pant or skirt.

They are calling the green, the new black. It is everywhere! Shoes, bas, sunglasses…you name it. The beauty of it that it basically goes with every skin tone. Yellow may be a little trickier for the fair skinned, try to keep it as bright and lemony as possible. Fuchsia or hot pink will brighten any face. No one will look bad in this color, it instantly reflects a nice bright look to your face. Orange I have honestly never worn unless it was Queen’s day back in my home country, but you honestly can’t go wrong with it either. It will give you the same effect as the fuchsia but a little softer.

I love four seasons mainly due to the change in fashions. I love my cozy winter sweaters but like I started out; I can’t wait to swap them out!

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