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Spring Fashion Preview

I get excited about Spring Fashion. Spring and Fall you can get most creativeness. Summer just means less clothing and winter we add more. I do enjoy living in a state with distinct four seasons. I think I would miss my funky fall boots living in a warmer climate.

I am happy to say that faux leather is here to stay even in the spring. a moto jacket, faux or real, is a justifiable addition to any closet. The pleather pants are here to stay. Although they now come in different styles: they may have paper bag waists, they may be baggier and even wide legged. As they still may be tight still too. Honestly still my favorite.

The next trends may be a bit of a challenge at our age. Micro mini’s and mid riffs. Strictly for the young and the restless? Micro mini’s I will only do with tights. Not necessarily due to age restrictions but mostly my own comfort level. Mid rif I limit to the two finger rule. Meaning I don’t expose more than two fingers worth of skin, for me this also will be limited to the area above my belly button. No more belly out for me.

All this, once again, depending on your own comfort levels. All trends are also just ideas not rules to go by. In all actuality style is way more interesting than fashion. The beauty of fashion now is that basically anything goes. Your jeans may be mom jeans, baggy, skinny, flared…what ever floats your boat. Your leggings or yoga pants should not be baggy but may be tight and skinny or flared.

This last style has been big across the pond but not so much over here. Leggings in the best prints with a bell bottom paired with sneakers. It is hard to find a good print here, but once again SHEIN came to the rescue. I will show off my finds shortly. I will say that this style in the right pattern will elongate your legs and make your butt look perfect.

I have not always been comfortable with my body and my friends probably think I am going through a midlife crisis. But the beauty of getting older is that you start caring less about what others think and more about what makes you feel good. If that is a micro mini; I am all for it!

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