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Sheet masks

I have started using masks more often since they do give my skin a visible boost. Sheet masks are a welcoming addition to my routine since they are not messy. I can keep hustling with my mask on, no worries, all within the boundaries of my own home since these masks can be a bit off putting.

While researching my latests finds: Glam Up Sheet Masks, I realized there may be more to it than just slapping this mask on your face. I was aware that I have to clean my face first. Therefore I usually mask right after my morning shower or after washing my face before going to bed. Depending on the promised benefits of the mask. Hydrating masks work well in the morning to prep your skin for the day ahead, as where exfoliating mask are better before heading to bed. Face Masks for more tips and reviews.

Should you have oily or combination skin then a hot towel on your face before masking may benefit you. This will open up your pores, allowing the goodies of the sheet mask to be fully absorbed. This is starting to sound like more and more work by the minute right?

One easy tip is to put your mask in the fridge before use. I am not a fan of anything cold, especially in the winter time. But for beauty’s sake…Have you seen the little fridges for your beauty products? They are small enough for your bathroom. Supposedly, since my mini fridge would be fighting for a the outlet with my Waterpik and electric tooth brush and my occasional hair curling thingy…

The last step to get the best out of your mask is to massage pressure points on your face to destress, making this a relaxing multitasker. Lightly press the area in between your brows to help concentration, your temples to relieve eyes and apparently the area right underneath your nose will fight fatigue. I am doing it right now! The little dip in your chin may help your biorhythm I did some research on that and there is a lot to get into there. That’s a whole other blog…for someone else.

I will honestly continue to keep “slapping” the masks on. Although the massaging pressure points does sound like a great added benefit.

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  1. I wasnt a big fan of sheet masks or even clay masks till recently. But have taken to sheet masks after researching on Korean and Japanese skincare and i do enjoy them once a week. Gives temporary benefits, but yes, beneficial. havent tried the massaging bit though.

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