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Is my favorite meal of the day! Is it the most important as some claim? That depends. I have committed myself to a 30 day Yoga work out by Julia Marie. You may wonder what that has to do with breakfast? Well, she has bonus videos at the end of her work outs about nutrition and such. The breakfast one caught my attention.

Breakfast is like any other meal. If you’re not hungry it’s not a necessity although it’s recommended to eat a small meal so you won’t binge later. But your body still may be processing food from the night before if you had a big meal later at night. In that case you’re just piling food on top of it. Since I try not to eat late at night, I am hungry when I wake up. I have to have my banana and coffee before I can function or attempt yoga.

Most breakfast foods consists of simple carbohydrates. Carbs seems to be a dirty word but that’s not always the case. You need carbs, just not always in the form of pancakes and cereal. Julia refers to the 80/20 “diet”; 80% nutritional food, 20 % pretty crappy good stuff. It’s all in moderation, as always. I have my cereal or waffles at times or even a hearty breakfast sandwich. Every other day my breakfast consist of Greek yogurt with fruit and a hint of granola.

When I feel as if I have to lower my sugar intake I will switch the granola out with Muesli. Doesn’t give the same satisfaction but I know it’s a little better for me. Ooh and coffee…I need that too to function. Coffee can also make you feel full which is definitely an added bonus.

Feel free to have a salad for breakfast like we sometimes have breakfast for dinner. But if eating veggies in the A.M. with some eggs and some croutons then turn it into an omelette with tomato, spinach…maybe a little bit of toast. See what I did there?

As always *yawn* it boils down to moderation. Boring but true. In any case I know that as long as you start your day off right it will be a good day.

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