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Epic Fails and Near Misses

Dry shampoo used to be on my epic fail list until I tried Batiste divine dark dry shampoo. It can carry me through another day prior to the necessary ponytail. Mostly I am a wash-every-day type or no-wash-day-hair-pull-back kinda girl since the oily-stringy-look has died with the whole entire grunge era. Plain old baby powder will soak up the oil by my roots on a no-wash day as well. Most dry shampoos is leave a grayish residue if not used correctly. Make sure to brush it thoroughly after spraying or use a brush styling tool to give your hair an extra boost.

I will say that some dry shampoos smelled wonderful and give volume for a split second. Or maybe I should have re-applied a few times during the day? I was recently told I should try it before bedtime and that surprisingly does the trick!

Another thing that I just can’t get a grip on are hand lotions! Not sure why…I carry my to-be-tested one with me in my gigantic purse but I never use it. Even though I really should because my hands are shriveling up rapidly and the age spots are showing….yikes! I do recall using a hand lotion by L’Octitaine, a generous gift from a co-worker, which felt smooth and rich. I picked another one up at Bath & Bodyworks that is also supposed to be great for your nails because it contains avocado, paraffin, vitamin E and Shea butter for a mere 4 bucks. Avon has a very rich, virtually scent free: Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair hand cream. Sooo smooth!!!

But I also seem to keep reaching for my good old Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy hand lotion…but that is probably only due to the fact that it is in my desk drawer. I just have to admit that I haven’t been consistent enough to provide you with accurate results. I try ladies and gentlemen ….I try….

I have figured out why I don’t like putting on hand lotion! Because it makes that fancy protective desk cover all greasy and I always manage to get the stuff on my cuffs.

Then there is the Elmer Glue hack. Supposably Elmer Glue works wonders, for those with steady hands and patience. The glue should be strategically placed around your nail before applying your nail polish in order for the nail polish to not get on your skin…Orrrrr it just makes everything sticky, messy and unworkable! The latter; my situation, due to lack of patience and steadiness. You can also try to put the glue on your nails first before applying glitter nail polish. You can then just peel off the polish once you are done with your glitter, since we all know this is impossible to remove. I decided to pass on this one alltogether for the sole reason that maybe it is a sign from up above that at 51 I should leave both Elmer Glue and glitter alone…But please let me know if any of you have been more successful with this hack!

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