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Grammy’s Red Carpet

I wasn’t going to go here but there were a few fashion moments that shouldn’t be left unmentioned….

My personal style dictates simplicity, BUT if I ever had a red carpet moment, I would seize the opportunity to sport a ball gown. What girl doesn’t want to be a princess for a day? Especially the one who got married in silk PJ’s at a town hall…Maybe that’s why two of my favorite gowns were ball gowns. Chrissy Tiegen in her hot Pink Nicole + Felicia Couture dress and Carrie Underwood in her Golden Dolce and Gabanna. Although there is no reason for her to hide them legs!!

Another one of my favorites was a complete opposite number by Doja Kat slaying in Atelier Versace. And Saweetie, don’t ask me to name a song, but I can spot a Valentino. Rocking that two-pice trend in hot pink. Plus somehow managed to wow again in a black taffeta bubble gown by Oscar de la Renta. Absolutely stunning!

And once again a Jean Paul Gaultier caught my eye! This week it was a gown worn by SZA with some crutches as an accessory.

I also want to give two shout outs. First to our home town hero: the one and only John Popper. His jacket and matching shoes were on point. Congrats on your nomination!

Second to Kristy Sarah Scott and her husband. Who says social media can’t get you anywhere? These guys make a living by from what appears to be good clean fun on Tik Tok and IG. And they rocked the carpet too! I love her dress although I can’t seem to figure out who the designer is. IF I was ever to get married again, this would be the dress…

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