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Tubing Mascara

I had never heard of tubing mascara until my Allure Box arrived, and honestly even then I thought it had to with the actual packaging. Little did I know it’s a “tubing” process.

As where the OG mascara will “paint” your lashes with pigment, tubing mascara will create tiny little tubes around your lashes. How? They are made with polymers that wrap around each individual lash creating tiny tubes. Now we all know the pigment can smudge and run, as where the polymer won’t since it is waterproof.

With that being said, it is a science to apply this stuff to every single lash. I am still trying to master the skill. Keep a clean mascara brush handy to separate lashes immediately since clumping is almost inevitable. I am blessed with long lashes which I believe makes it harder to flawlessly tube them. The mascara I used by Blinc does have a brush that is designed to create separation. Maybe I just have to work on my technique. Blinc advises not to “double dip”, there’s enough on the brush to successfully apply one coat to your lashes.

Thank goodness, I researched how to remove this stuff. Even this is remarkably easy, and almost fun. As aforementioned, the polymer tubes are waterproof. You can cry, swim or dance the night away without smudging. The mascara will come off with water but it will need friction. Simply wet your fingers and gently rub your lashes between them. You will literally end up with a sink full of tiny tubes. This leads me to another huge benefit: this process will not leave any residue on your lashes overnight. We all know your regular mascara will never completely allow itself to be removed completely. For me this means less of a chance of irritated eyes plus waking up without mascara residue all over my face….and pillow!

Unfiltered…right side with tubing, left without…

I will honestly say, I have revised this blog several time as I was testing and researching. I went from a total skeptic to a believer. Why aren’t we all using this? Who does not want to wake up sans raccoon eyes? I do worry about the long term effects, could it potentially be harmful and pull lashes out? But then again; I never questioned my good ole mascara. I also did not realize this stuff has been around for a while and several brands have tubing mascara in their line up: Thrive Mascara, L’Oréal, Maybelline, Clinique..I have failed as a “beauty blogger” but I am glad I am all caught up now.

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