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Tubing Mascara…the aftermath

As with most things in life; sometimes they are just too good to be true. I stand by the pros of tubing mascara. But feel responsible for sharing the cons as well. I tend to get over excited sometimes.

The pros stand: Tubing Mascara There are a few things you should know though, which will count as the good old “cons”. For starters; polymers aren’t for every one. There are some incidences where sensitive eyes can get irritated by this ingredient. Turns out I have those sensitive eyes. This differs per person of course. I have heard of cases where someone may be allergic to regular mascara but fare well with the tubing kind. As mentioned in the pros; I do love the fact that the tubes are completely removed before bed time and there fore will not cause irritation over night. I am slightly torn.

I am a complete mess with mascara, yet I never leave home without out it. I will have smudges all over my eye lids and cheeks within minutes. My friends stopped pointing out, it’s almost part of my look by now. The reason for this is that my face is constantly leaking. My eyes tear up from the slightest breeze. This leads to an automatic reaction of wiping my eyes. Water and friction, remember?! No bueno. It resulted in a smeared tube stuck to my eyelid. A stray tube smudges more than a regular mascara. Now this is something I can work on. I just need to keep my hands out of my face. The ultimate tubing test will be a night out…if I dare.

Why not stick with a good ole waterproof mascara? I have never been a fan of them. This mostly because I can’t never seem to successfully remove it entirely. Which leaves the layers of the next day to go on lumpy. I have tried better removers, to no avail.

Maybe I should just chalk this up under “nothing is at good as it seems”. The good news is; I have a ton more samples to test and none tubers. In the meantime I will continue to wear my favorite Tarteist and sport my Panda eyes. I will just rock it like it’s not going out of style.

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