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Fall Colors 2022

So happy to see color this fall! I never understand why we gloom up as the weather does. We should keep the sunshine popping in our outfits.

The colors to watch this season are: Pacific Ocean Blue, it leans towards cobalt blue but a little brighter. A pair of pants in this color should be present in everyone’s closet this fall. Another color to watch is orange and by that I mean warmer hues of orange. The beauty of this color is that it works great in tops since it compliments most skin tones. As with the blue: this my not always brighten your complexion. Zesty Lime is making it’s debut. I love this color in accessoires: shoes, bags, possibly a bracelet or belt.

Pretty Little Things

Yellow is here to stay, also a little bit more to the mustardy side for the fall. This can be a tricky color near your face. It washes me out once my summer tan fades. The trick then is to wear pants and skirts in this color to in order for it not to dull your complexion. Of course this is just an “issue” in the fair skin department. Although the fairest, red heads look amazing in an oker yellow. It is a matter of holding the color by your face to see what it does for you.


I am so happy that hot pink is a keeper too! By now you may have heard of the Barbiecore trend? Basically pink upon pink. Some fashionista’s are swearing by hot pink pleather leggings. Could be fun right? Fuchsia or hot pink basically looks good on any skin tone. If it is a bit too loud for you then this color is also great for accessories. Steve Madden has a great neon summer line that translates well into the fall.


For those who enjoy neutral colors: you can still never go wrong with grey, off white, beige and browns. All make a funky combo with some of the above mentioned: grey and yellow, brown and fuchsia, lime and beige. Dressing in all off white or white is seasonless, and will remain my favorites as well.

You know by now that I preach about style vs fashion. I don’t necessarily follow fashion but I love certain new styles. I refuse to go with the flow when I am not feeling it. I will also continue to wear colors all year right whether they are fashionable or not. It just makes it easier to find certain items when the world does dictate some of my favorite colors to be considered the must-haves for this season.

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