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Fall 2022 shoe trends

I do not do pumpkin anything until the leaves start turning. I will take a peak at fall styles. I like my 4 seasons simply for fashion reasons. Summer being my favorite and winter my least-liked. The trick with 4 seasons is the transition time: summer to fall, or winter to spring can be a doozy! This is why sneakers are a must have since they are transferable in to all the seasons.

It seems as if I can save some money this season since not everything is up my alley. And some of the things that are on the Fall 2022 list, I already have! Like over the knee boots for example. I prefer the sock boots since they stay up better and don’t create a thigh muffin top. The latter depends on the right boot. I purchased a great pair at Mango last season. The good news is that Zara has similar ones on the shelves for the fall.

The platform has also eased it’s way back onto the scene this summer and will continue this fall. Yes good ole platforms, as high as possible. I used to love them. Giving my legs that gazelle look while still reasonably comfortable. Since I do not like towering out over my significant other, I will refrain from them this season. Although there are always girl nights.

The fuzzy trend for shoes I am finding though to get in to. Regardless of the comfort level. Some things ain’t for everybody! I feel the same about cowboy boots. Despite their high current fashionable value. I will leave that up to the true fashionista’s and to those who love wearing them all together.

Preppy is back in. Yes: loafers. But not any ole loafer: ones with thick, plateau soles or platform heels. Maybe not the sexiest things on the planet but very wearable. They will definitely add some umph to your work attire.

Back to the sneakers. We all know Nike Airs are hot but I have my eye on these DKNY black high top kicks. I might budge for both but sometimes you have to leave the true sneaker trends to the “youths”. What’s up with the Samba’s though? I thought that was supposed to be the next best thing? Somebody help this old lady!

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