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My “Cult” favorites

I am not really sure what qualifies a product to earn “cult fave” status. It is said to have a cult following when it has a small but passionate fan base. These are my own faves that I have in threes: one for my bathroom for my morning routine, one in my travel back for weekend getaways and one in my little beauty bag I carry around in my work bag for emergency touch ups. It beats having to keep looking for stuff. No worries, these are all affordable. Hence: my favorites.

The first one I know fo sho, is a cult favorite: Instant Age Rewind Concealer by Maybeline. I use it as a base, after my eye cream but before my foundation for a less raccoony look. This stuff comes in different shades and varieties. I usually end up with the fairest shades and due to the consistency, only use it below my eyes. Some opt to highlight with this concealer but I find it to be a bit thick for that. It tends to settle in my pores. But I love it as an under eye concealer but not alone…

I noticed that my arsenal grows with age. The Age Rewind Concealer alone will not always do the trick. Mostly since I don’t pile it on. Once I have completed my eye make up I add a little layer around my eye with the ELF dual highlighter and concealer. I can somehow only find this on Amazon. I use the concealer below my eye and the highlighter in the inner corner of my eye, eye bone and cheek bones. Just a small dab for effect.

Another one of my never out of stock items is my Wet and Wild Megaliner Liquid eye liner. Won’t break your budget either! It sells from $3 to $5. The brush makes it easy to apply in an even manner. I wipe any access away with a Q-tip but mostly I can master a decent line without incidences with this stuff. Did I mention that it doesn’t smear and lasts all day? If this is not a cult favorite than it definitely should be!

Sadly my last go to seems to be taken off the market. But have no fear I have found an affordable replacement. I use a little bit of bronzer around my forehead, cheeks and jaw line. My favorite was L’Oréal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow. I have since then also used some more expensive products thanks to my Allure Beauty Box but they all work the same for me. I know add NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Pure Gold to my arsenal instead only at night though. During the day I keep it a little more subtle.

None of these will break the bank, that is why I keep them in trifold. It is an attempt to keep my always on the go behind on track!

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