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Fall accessory comebacks

Love it or hate it, everything comes back in style eventually. The baggy jeans and bra tops the “kids” are wearing today bring me right back to my early 90’s. I have to bite my tongue in order not to exclaim “I used to have the exact same outfit!”. Nothing says “I’m old(er)” more than that phrase!

If you are anything like me, you will still have boxes of your old custom jewelry lying around somewhere. I am not sure why but that seems to be the hardest stuff to get rid off. Maybe cause we know it will make a return? Remember long necklaces, and tons of them? We’ll, they are back. I still have those somewhere. Longer necklaces will elongate,logically so. They don’t always mess up your flow They are fun with a simple body con dress out or get your prep on with a colored blouse.

In all honesty; most jewelry gets in my way. I will make an entrance with it but it will mostly end up in my purse or my desk eventually. I do love my bracelets. They stay on day and night. But only the ones that don’t get in my way! That’s what will most likely happen to the next comeback kid: the cuff bracelet. I have a few of them somewhere: hence the pattern. They work best solo or with a few tiny bracelets to add some flair. They may also be worn over sleeves.

I may have worn a few brooches or pins back in the early Madonna and Prince Era. I do not have them somewhere anymore. Although they have made a comeback. Brooches are tricky as we age, since they are generally associated with people of age. Correct me if I am wrong. I do like a good pin to keep a scarf in place. Or possibly on a lapel of a blazer? I will give it another shot.

And then there are the good ole chokers. The tattoo choker, yes, the one we used to wear, came back around a few years ago. I used to love chokers and I still have them too! Be careful with these: they potentially will give away your age. Since our necks are becoming a lost cause , a choker can emphasize the wrinkles by pushing them up. You may not see it when you look in the mirror straight on. But once you start moving and talking; your turkey neck my be gobbling slightly. Of course, certain chokers may hide the neck but they will have to be big. Or if you like the other comeback: floral jewelry! A flowered choker is perfectly acceptable again too.

Like I alway say: it’s totally up to you! I encourage everyone to maintain their own style. But this may be a fun rainy day project; to find those boxes with all this stuff: somewhere!

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