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Fall should haves

I started this with the title “must haves” but I changed it to “should haves” because who am I to dictate otherwise? A few trends as spotted during various fashion weeks. Some so obvious and really have never left the scene, others not so much.

The obvious: leather or faux leather moto jackets. As mentioned a few times before. Anything pleather is a “should have” but the moto jacket is one that may have to be classified as a “must have”. Or maybe just for me personally.

White tanks are on the list! Perfect with a moto jacket and jeans. I L.O.V.E. white tanks! I have a ton of them. It is advisable to discard a white tank after a season or two and invest in fresh, crisp ones. Forever21 sells them for less than 5 bucks.

Sherpa anything! I love anything warm and fuzzy. Sherpa is the synthetic version of shearling, therefore also commonly known as faux-shearling. Sherpa is more animal friendly than shearling. The latter is literally the first shearing of a lamb. Shearling, however, is breathable and will absolutely keep you warm. Sherpa does actually insulates better without the weight or the bulk. It is whatever floats your boat, or your wallet.

Lily’s Kloset

Corset tops are popping up all over too. There are a few age appropriate tops out there depending on your comfort level. I prefer the corset tops that do cover my stomach. I will leave the cropped ones to the youths.

Spotted in shoe land: ballet flats. Yikes! She who owns heels and sneakers but nothing in between shivers at the thought of these. Honestly, I used to own a ton of them. They hurt my feet in the same areas heels do. But heels give me better posture therefore no back pain. Ballet flats may be worn with your leggings, jeans or the other current style craze: pleated skirts. All up to you!

As aforementioned: style is way more interesting than fashion!

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