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Let me start by saying I’m not an affiliate. Let me also say that I’m loyal to a lot of products but get real flakey with some. Below are a few of my newly found steadies.

Speaking of flakiness: a few months ago I was raving about Dior foundation. I have since then traded that for Limelife Perfect Cream Foundation. This stuff does not settle in pores or creases whatsoever. It took me a sec to figure out how to apply it. I settled on spraying boujee mineral water on my face followed by a makeup sponge covered in this cream foundation. According to my rep the magic is that it’s not water based therefore it is the perfect cream foundation. I am sold, until the next best thing comes along.

This next one deserves its own blog and before and after video. It tightens! Straightens out all imperfections. I save this for spring time when the thighs have to come back out. The jiggle disappears. More on this to come in a few months. It is a blend of rosemary, mint, hazelnut and geranium. Not sure how this blend works to tighten but it somehow does.

Last but not least! Eye believe hydrator. This magic potion sells out constantly. It has “Botox like” ingredients. Did not know that avocado had that quality. This will be on my loyalty list forever. I have sagging eyelids and have had bags and crow feet since I was 8 years old. My dimples are the main reason for the latter.

This stuff makes me look wide awake. My lids stopped sagging after a week of using this. The bags are still there but less significant. It somehow makes me look rested. The worst part is that I’m hooked on it now, and as aforementioned it sells out frequently. It honestly also is not cheap but we’ll worth it. I justify it by dividing the 68 by 60 days. Although the wide awake look I’d priceless!

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